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I have bunch of new links to post.  Also, I have taken a Bitcoin Class by Scott Driscoll on PluralSight.


My favorite block chain developer platform :
Op-Ed: What Is the True Meaning of “Decentralization” in Blockchain Technology?
The Lightning Network is viewed by many as a serious improvement for Bitcoin in terms of scalability, but there are still plenty of critics of the system who do not believe it is destined for success. During a recent event at the Coinbase offices in San Francisco, Lightning Network co-creators Joseph Poon and Tadge Dryja answered some questions about potential weaknesses of this generalized network for payment channels.
The BitShares platform itself is run and maintained by the BitShares community–an open consortium of individuals and organizations committed to providing universal access to the power of smart contracts.

Scott Discoll’s YouTube Channel

The Essence of How Bitcoin Works (Non-Technical)

Bitrated: Reputation management and consumer protection for the Bitcoin ecosystem.
BitFury is a Large Bitcoin Miner:  It is one of many Bitcoin Mining pools.
ChangeTip : Donate to any person, any cause, any creative endeavor. ChangeTip makes it as simple as a tweet or a like.
Bicoin Analytics : All the MetaData for Bitcoin
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