Bitcoin News #27

World Crypto Network



Streamed live on Oct 23, 2016

Bitcoin news for the week of Oct 17th with @theonevortex, @Tone_LLT, @AnselLindner, @alex_sterk & special guest @Renegadeinvestoruk
We are talking with Edward Blake the creator of


-Is ViaBTC gaining any ground? Are we worried ViaBTC might block the segwit fork?

-R3 recently open sourced their private blockchain project Corda and also revealed they are running low on funds. Is this a desperate attempt to gain more ground or are they already doomed?

-The ECB recently released proposed a directive of the European Parliament urging them to crack down on virtual currencies by making sure that they explicitly not be defined as legal currencies or money. Is this the first public admission by a central bank that bitcoin could take over their job?

-A company named Accenture recently released an ‘Editable Blockchain’ prototype, is there really a difference between something like this and ethereums blockchain who seems to be swimming in a sea of never ending forks?

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