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###What is BlockChain:


Andreas M. Antonopoulos


Blockchain Revolution

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Calling all Blockchain/Bitcoin Enthusiasts. Blockchain is not only about digital currencies/bitcoin anymore. It is changing Money, Business and the world. This framework has p…

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###Problems with Blockchain

If one creates a business based upon Bitcoin, what do I have to think about:
What are the considerations of using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Fork:
Fork Subredit:

Todd isn’t alone with his concerns.

Fellow bitcoin developer Eric Lombrozo is also troubled that the ease with which the ethereum blockchain was forked might be seen as evidence by investors and regulators that other forks might be possible given the right motivation.

In the case of ethereum, Lombrozo, an early contributor to the ethereum project as well, argues that the democratic process by which consensus was achieved was more of a plurality because so few people voted.

Intro: Brock Pierce: Bitcoin might fail but the blockchain is here to stay – Full WIRED Retail talk

Understanding The Blockchain’ Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas M. Antonopoulos: “Consensus Algorithms, Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin” [UCL]

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