Minds aims to decentralize the social network Decentralization is the buzzword du jour. Everything – from our currencies to our databases – are supposed to exist, immutably, in this strange new world. And Bill Ottman wants to add our social media to the mix. Ottman, an intense young man with a passion to fix the world, is theContinue reading “Minds.com”

Is it time to buy BTC and other Cryptocurrency..Again

I think it could be time to buy again. BTC,  cryptocurrency and block chain are creeping into brains of the public. Remember  the first time you heard about the “Internet” or “World Wide Web”. (This where the cliches are tossed out  like, “Yes kids there was a time without an Internet..chuckle..chuckle).  Minds.com has my attentionContinue reading “Is it time to buy BTC and other Cryptocurrency..Again”