Walmart and Blockchain If you shop at Wal-Mart, you might be buying packaged produce unlike any ever sold in a U.S. store. The sliced apples or cut broccoli — the merchant won’t say what’s involved exactly — are being used to test blockchain, a new database technology. If successful, the trial could change how Wal-Mart Stores Inc.,Continue reading “Walmart and Blockchain”

Blockchain Disrupts Election

This Is How the Blockchain Will Disrupt The Election System The presidential election of 2016 is a watershed event in American and global politics. This is true for a number of reasons. What interests me most as a technologist working with blockchains, especially Ethereum , is the mounting evidence we’ve seen through its lens thatContinue reading “Blockchain Disrupts Election”

I Can Do What Now?!

An essay on the implications of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology as understood by a tech simpleton. Despite having grown up on a diet of technological accessibility, the only command I have over a computer is playing games, sending email, or surfing the occasional web site.  Also I don’t really use Twitter or even Facebook. AndContinue reading “I Can Do What Now?!”

Latest Updates : Another Stream of Consciousness

I have bunch of new links to post.  Also, I have taken a Bitcoin Class by Scott Driscoll on PluralSight.   My favorite block chain developer platform : Op-Ed: What Is the True Meaning of “Decentralization” in Blockchain Technology? The Lightning Network is viewed by many as a serious improvement for Bitcoin in termsContinue reading “Latest Updates : Another Stream of Consciousness”