Updated: Chain Core : What Every Developer Needs to Get Started With Block Chain – http://www.chain.com

Updated: As a follow up, in less than an hour, using Chain Core, I created some digital assets, created some users, and executed some trades.  Nice job https://chain.com/ https://chain.com/docs/core/get-started/five-minute-guide I really like the Chain.com implementation of the blockchain.   It reminds me of running Apache Tomcat of the first time back in 1999.  The developerContinue reading “Updated: Chain Core : What Every Developer Needs to Get Started With Block Chain – http://www.chain.com”

Bitcoin News #27

World Crypto Network     Streamed live on Oct 23, 2016 Bitcoin news for the week of Oct 17th with @theonevortex, @Tone_LLT, @AnselLindner, @alex_sterk & special guest @Renegadeinvestoruk ——————————————————– We are talking with Edward Blake the creator of http://www.renegadeinvestor.co.uk/. -Introductions -Is ViaBTC gaining any ground? Are we worried ViaBTC might block the segwit fork? -R3Continue reading “Bitcoin News #27”

Can You Live Your @LifeOnBitcoin

How about living your life on Bitcoin:  @LifeonBitcoin In 2013, a young couple decided to put Bitcoin (and themselves) to the ultimate test. If Bitcoin is going to change the world, it has to start with regular people using it every day. Can Beccy and Austin live only on Bitcoin for every living expense forContinue reading “Can You Live Your @LifeOnBitcoin”

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne

This guy is my hero: http://reason.com/blog/2016/10/06/overstock-ceo-patrick-byrne-on-gary I can’t do better than quote the interview: His enthusiasm for bitcoin and other blockchain-based technology: (4:18 – “For five-thousand years, society has accumulated these [centralized] institutions like barnacles on our hull, and now the blockchain lets us scrape those off.”), His new venture t0 that brings the blockchainContinue reading “Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne”

Introduction to the Block Chain Technology

Need a place to start learning about the  Block Chain technology?  I am attempting to put together an index or starting point for anyone interested in learning about Block Chain, Crypto-Currency and Bitcoin. From general to development.